Hey what’s up with the standings?

So for those of you who haven’t seen the old website, we have since the beginning maintained a page that is just for the standings of the teams within the WBC. In fact, here’s a duplicated version of that page now.  Team  Wins  Losses  Bendon  11  4  Winslow  4  6  Varsity  1  0  Phelan  0  5…

WLHSWBC: the digital age

One of the many quirks of the washington-lee high school wiffle ball club is our tendency to ensure that everything we do, good and bad, is recorded for all time and placed on the interwebs.

In the beginning, there were forms

On a rainy day in October 2014, one bored high school junior set out to finalize a project that had been a dream of his for the entirety of his high school career. Official student activities form in hand,

Another snippet of history

For those of you who read in the beginning, there were forms , you already know the exciting tale of how we became a sanctioned organization. But a

Members and their roles

One of the traditions of the WBC is assigning everyone a position in the club’s leadership. We believe that it makes people more invested